Who is K41RO?

he needed an outlet

But why music?

K41RO is a musician and storyteller hailing out of Portland, Oregon. Growing up as a metalhead, he gravitated towards dark, surrealist sounds to deal with his insomnia and depression. Through this inspiration, he created a variety of voices to better depict the conflict of different parts of his personality. The purpose of his music is to try and portray different difficulties and successes he has faced in his life through the modem of dreams. Some songs are ambient and relaxing. Some of them are dark and aggressive. All of them are genuine attempts at trying to figure out how to deal with different psychological and sociological issues that life can present. Through his passion for music, he has found a purpose in his life, and he hopes his songs can provide some hope and catharsis to his fans as well.


He is set to release his debut album, "21st Century Nursery Rhymes", on July 28th 2023. He also has a collaboration album with Luka Burr in the works for late 2023-early 2024. Be on the lookout for new music as he is constantly in the studio working.